About Me

Hi! My name is Lena Luciez and I’m Montreal-based photographer specializing in natural light photography for engagements, weddings and other family events. Fashion photography is my big inspiration too.
I was born and grew up in a small Siberian town and I was always felt in love with the characters and emotions of people by all my heart.

The tears of happiness, the lovely eyes and a crazy laugh of the children.
The snow on the mountains, the wind in the curly hair, the cold rain and the yellow automne leaves on the old trees.
The subtle fingers and the bright freckles.

I’m really in love with all that.

I work in Montreal and its surroundings and I speak Russian, French and English. That’s why we can always understand each other and to realize all our plans and ideas!
Mail me and I will respond you as soon as possible.

Photography is you

Let’s enjoy our beautiful reality together!